Mike Amiri is an American fashion designer who was born on September 6, 1976. His brand specializes in handmade denim jeans, leather jackets, and graphic tees. With his unique creations, he made a significant impact on the streetwear culture, becoming a prominent figure in the fashion industry.

Early Life

Mike Amiri was born and raised in Los Angeles, spending his time in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. He enjoyed activities like boxing, skating, and hanging out near his high school. At the age of 13, he showcased his first foray into fashion by stitching a Motley Crue logo onto a denim jacket. Today, his brand still reflects a rock ‘n’ roll and DIY aesthetic but luxuriously and meticulously.

Amiri’s brand represents his experiences growing up in the diverse Los Angeles scene, surrounded by rockers, skaters, graffiti artists, and gangsters. This environment fostered his appreciation for individuality, forming the foundation of his inspiration. Amiri’s ultimate vision is to blend the essence of California and rock ‘n’ roll through a luxury lens.

Mike Amiri Career

In the early stages of his career, Mike Amiri designed handcrafted pieces for renowned musicians like Axl Rose and Steven Tyler, creating their stage outfits. He gained recognition by creating an exclusive capsule collection for LA’s Maxfield store.

Amiri’s unique design sensibility and craftsmanship propelled him forward. Representing his brand at Paris Fashion Week, he reshaped the streetwear culture. Collaborating with top retailers such as Galeries Lafayette, Selfridges, and Joyce, he showcased his accessories and shoes. Throughout his career, Amiri received numerous nominations and awards for his contributions to the fashion industry.

Mike Amiri Jeans, Shirts, Hats

Mike Amiri is the founder of AMIRI, known for its unique design signature. The brand offers deconstructed, hand-embellished denim jeans for men, along with leather jackets, grunge flannel shirting, and graphic tee shirts. Mike also serves as the Creative Director of the label.

Billie Jeans and Sneakers by Mike Amiri

In a video posted on Pop’s Facebook story, he received gifts that included Mike Billie Jeans. While expressing gratitude and rapping lyrics from his song, “Billie Jean,” Pop inadvertently revealed his address, which can be seen if the video is paused and screenshotted. In addition to other offerings, Mike Amiri provides sneakers like the Skel Top Low and Skel Top High in various colours like green, blue, and white. You can explore these footwear options on the official website of his fashion design shop.

Mike Amiri’s Net Worth

Mike Amiri’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million, including his assets and earnings from his fashion design profession. While the exact amount is not confirmed, considering his successful business and influence in the fashion industry, it is likely that he is a millionaire. Despite his wealth, he is known to lead a modest lifestyle.

Social Media Presence of Mike Amiri

Mike maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. You can track him on his Instagram account, @mikeamiri, where he has amassed over 600K followers. His Instagram provides a glimpse into his fashion world and personal life. Additionally, you can find him on YouTube with his channel named Amiri, which has garnered over 7K subscribers.

On his YouTube channel, he may share behind-the-scenes content, fashion insights, and more. Furthermore, Amiri can be found on Facebook, where he has a dedicated following of nearly 7.2K fans and supporters. Amiri utilizes these platforms to connect with his audience and share his creative journey.

Unknown Facts about Mike Amiri

  • Mike Amiri has been nominated for the Swarovski Award at the CFDA Fashion Awards.
  • He received the best-emerging talent award at the Footwear News Achievement Awards in 2018.
  • Late rapper Pop Smoke paid tribute to him by mentioning him in lyrics.
  • Amiri has Iranian heritage.
  • He began his career at the age of 38.


Amiri is a renowned fashion designer known for his distinctive and handmade designs. He is the Founder and Creative Director of AMIRI, a brand that specializes in denim jeans, leather jackets, grunge flannel shirts, and graphic tee shirts. In his early career, he crafted outfits for well-known rockers like Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. Mike’s talent and unique style have earned him recognition and accolades in the fashion industry.


Why is Mike Amiri famous?

Mike is famous as a well-known fashion designer who owns his luxury brand, AMIRI. He showcases his designs at Paris Fashion Week.

Who is Mike Amiri married to?

Mike Amiri is married to his longtime girlfriend, Shirin. They often share pictures on social media and make appearances at red-carpet events.

What is Mike Amiri’s net worth?

Mike net worth is estimated to be over 5 million dollars. He earns a substantial income from his own business and fashion ventures.

Who owns Mike Amiri?

Mike Amiri owns his own business named AMIRI, which he started at the age of 38.

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